Salomon Agile 500 Belt Set

I have been using the Salomon Agile 500 Belt Set for the last 6 months when running. My experience with this belt is very good, because it has a very small footprint. Let’s have a look at the Agile 500 in details.

Design and features,

In the first place, we are looking at a running belt to have around your waist. It is a one size belt with the ability to adjust it for your size. Furthermore, it has two pockets to keep your keys, phone and a bottle of water in it.

In the back of the belt you have the biggest pocket, therefore also the place for the bottle of water. Inside there is two inner dividers, one of the size of a phone and a smaller one to fit keys. In spite of these two dividers, I had my phone in the smaller pocket on the stomach because it’s easy to take out when I needed it. One last thing to mention, the back pocket is good because it does not disturb you when running.

Salomon includes a HydraPak which is a SoftFlask with the capacity of 500ml of water. Since it is a SoftFlask, it will shrink when you drink the water and consequently you will not feel it when empty.

In front of the Salomon Agile 500 Belt you have the small pocket, where you can have your mobile phone. It will hold what you have in the pocket close to your body and it will not move when running.

The material of the pockets is elastic, this also means you can fit quite a lot in it. For example, I was able to fit one of Salomons thin running jacket together with the SoftFlask full of water, in the biggest pocket. In the front I could fit my phone plus a small compact camera.

Final thoughts,

Overall I am very happy with this belt and I can recommend it for anybody who is looking for a minimalist running belt with space for your phone, keys and a bottle of water. It is also available in a smaller size, the Agile 250 with a bottle of 250 ml. Come and have a look in our shop in Terrassa or find it in our online shop.